White Buffalo Sterling Silver Heart Link Bracelet

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Charm her with a custom made beautiful solid link bracelet. 6 white buffalo hearts set in sterling silver. Built to last as every link is welded. Guaranteed to never break under normal use. Made from start to finish by Tony Otteson. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Most pieces are build to order. Allow me at least 3-5 days from time of order. Jewelry will generally be shipped within 5 days of order. If you need something specific, or wish to change the look or style a little (ovals, triangle, more black, more white, etc...), write it in the comment section of the order form or contact Tony Otteson on the Contact Us page. Gold is also available, but please contact Tony Otteson for a quote prior to ordering. Due to the high price of gold, many are not aware of the drastic price difference.

Stones may not be exact stones in image, as we have no control over how nature forms white buffalo.

White Buffalo (opalized calcite) comes from the White Buffalo Mines north of Tonopah Nv, owned and mined occasionally by Dean, Danny, Tom, Trenton and Tony Otteson. These are the ONLY mines in the world that produce the true white buffalo stone that so many others have tried to emulate with howlite, magnesite and others. This stone is NOT turquoise despite what many claim. It is an extremely rare form of calcite known to only our mines in a palmetto formation.