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Turquoise is one of the most loved, used, and unique stones. Royston turquoise is known for producing Turquoise of various bold color variations that range from a soft, beautiful blue to emerald greens. There are multiple types of Turquoise, such as Lone Mountain turquoise, sleeping beauty turquoise, king-man turquoise, fox turquoise, etc. usually, Royston turquoise can be found brown, black or gold contrast complementing it and as well as enhancing its beauty. Turquoise stones are set apart due to their sharp and intense color and can be easily detected to be of high-quality. Royston turquoise can be found in specific mines across the world, in the United States, the Royston mining districtis located near Tonopah, Nevada. The Otteson family has owned this mine for over a hundred years.

Over the century, the use of Turquoise has been found common in many cultures. Many cultures believed it to be a holy stone that can bring good fortune. Turquoise can have a change in their color due to light, dust, or acidity of the skin, but it also possesses chemicals that attract good and positive energy — people who wear turquoise feel that they have a more optimistic approach towards life due to it. There are many healing powers that the Royston turquoise holds. Many cultures firmly believe in the healing powers of the Turquoise, people around the globe associate Royston turquoise with the Native Americans and Tibetans.

How Can Royston Turquoise Heal You?

Physical Healing:

Royston turquoise is believed to benefit the whole body as it has unique strengths that heal problems related to the immune system, respiratory system, bowel movement, and skeletal issues. Many healers who practice healing through crystals and stones highly claim that Turquoise has powers to detoxify poison, pollution, and alcohol from the human body.

Mental Healing:

Royston turquoise is considered a stone of communication by those who practice crystal healing. Modern age healers believe that turquoise contains the powers to heal or eradicate fears of people, such as the fear of public speaking. The stone enables the person to speak more confidently, creatively, and fluently. Royston turquoise also helps in the improvement of the mental and emotional state. It makes humans more stable, optimistic, empathic, creative, intuitive, and happy. Once the mental and emotional state is calmer, it helps the person to have profound self-realization, which allows him/her communicating more freely and strengthens bonds of family and friendship. It is also believed that Turquoise increases courage, personal power, and convictions.

Healing Through Chakras:

People who believe in chakras, understand that Turquoise is open to all chakras which allow the stone’s powers of communication and love to flow flawlessly throughout the entire human body. Healers claim that Royston turquoise deals primarily with the 5th chakra, which is known as the chakra that is the center of creativity, serenity, communication and spiritual bonding. The Turquoise can unclog any heaviness or distress on the heart and makes it open to giving and receiving love.

The blue color of the Turquoise is said to symbolize the sky as per the belief of spiritualists. Most individuals who believe in metaphysical healing, understand the healing powers of Turquoise.

What Makes The Royston Turquoise More Unique?

The world’s most popular Turquoise may be the “sleeping beauty” turquoise, but the stone itself is not fascinating, yet, it makes lovely jewelry pieces because of its consistent sky-blue color, but it is also one of the rocks that are easily duplicated and sold fake around the world. The Royston turquoise, however, stands apart from the other varieties of Turquoise as it cannot be easily faked due to its intricate veins of brown, black, and gold, which make the Royston turquoise distinguish itself from other stones.

How Can You Take Care of Your Turquoise Stone?

Turquoise stones are treated in many different ways, some radical and some more permanent than others. People use waxing and oiling on the turquoise gem, which may enhance its color and features, yet this does not last permanently.


Since Royston turquoise is a phosphate mineral, it can be extremely fragile and sensitive. Cosmetics or any perfume will deteriorate the quality of the stone and possibly alter the color of the turquoise gems. Cleaning fluids, jewelry, and skin oils also affect aggressively. The ideal recommendation is to avoid the use of these items, and sunscreen or hair spray should be applied before wearing the turquoise stone.

Soft-Cloth Cleaning

Royston turquoise or any Turquoise requires to be gently cleaned with the use of a soft cloth that helps in avoiding and cleaning any residue build-up.

Special Container

Turquoise stones are incredibly fragile and delicate gems which require special care not just with cleaning it but also making sure it is stored within its container to avoid any harm or scratch due to harder gems.

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