Healing Powers of Turquoise: An Overview

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Turquoise is considered as one of the most powerful metaphysical healing stones. Turquoise has been used for healing activities long before the word metaphysical even existed. Egyptians, Tibetans, and Native Americans have all been recorded to use turquoise for healing purposes. Nowadays, turquoise jewelry are all the rage, the most preferred being turquoise rings.

While there is a wide variety of turquoise for sale, and are used in jewelry and decoration pieces, most people are oblivious of its healing capabilities. Several cultures consider the healing powers of turquoise as coming from a sacred source. While mostly associated with Native Americans and Tibetans, other cultures also respect the stone for its healing capacities.

Turquoise is associated with self-forgiveness, acceptance, and release of useless regrets. It helps a user to consider themselves as the ultimate creation of the Divine. The Otteson turquoise is widely available, so let us take a brief look at some of the healing powers that make it such a unique metaphysical stone.

Physical Healing Powers of Turquoise

Turquoise is a strengthening stone that is good for overcoming exhaustion, controlling depression and panic attacks, as well. People can wear turquoise rings and use their healing powers to alleviate the immune system, as well as excretory, respiratory, and skeletal systems as well as healing ailments. Spiritual healers recommend using turquoise jewelry to keep the stone close to your body and thus helping it detoxify (alcohol, pollution, or radiation). The Otteson turquoise can also be used to treat asthma, high blood pressure, dental problems, etc. Turquoise also helps with problems associated with the brain, eyes, ears, neck, and throat. It is especially helpful for migraines, headaches, and balance problems. It can help with respiratory problems such as lung disorders and allergies. By wearing turquoise jewelry like necklaces, the user is providing help against breathing problems. Sometimes it can also cure speech disorders like stammering.

Emotional Healing by Turquoise

A turquoise ring can help bring about balance to user’s emotions by infusing them with a sense of serenity and peace. It can provide solace for the body and mind. Holding an Otteson turquoise or wearing turquoise jewelry can help restore the user’s depleted spirit and increase their vitality. Turquoise helps in relieving stress, and to bring focus back to the heart. Turquoise is also considered as the stone of communication that helps boost the user’s confidence, and as a purification stone, dispelling negative energies from the mind and environment. Greater self-realization is also achieved through turquoise as it improves the mental state in positive ways. It can increase creativity, serenity, positive thinking, intuition, happiness, and wisdom. As a communication stone, it also opens up conversations between friends and helps a person in social interactions by infusing the user with confidence, courage, and strong bonding. Nowadays, you can buy turquoise easily, and take advantage of its mental healing capabilities as recommended by crystal healers. Turquoise helps balance out negative feelings to make way for more optimistic and positive thinking.

Healing Powers of Turquoise in Chakra and Balance

Chakras are concentrated centers of energy in your body that have a specific purpose for the whole body, mind, and spirit. Wearing turquoise jewelry or Otteson turquoise is said to open up all the chakras while providing the flow of positive energy throughout the body. It allows the power of love and communication to flow throughout your mind, body, and spirit. Though wearing a turquoise ring at all times is said to mostly improve the fifthchakra, or to improve communication and increase creativity, serenity, and bonding on a spiritual level, it also affects the operation of the heart chakra (because turquoise is the stone of love and helps in sending and receiving love). The blue color of turquoise is associated with the sky spirit and connected with a Higher Power. The turquoise is a stone that helps find the truth within the spirit and manifest that quality onto the self. It helps in increasing the influence of the focal points throughout your body.

Turquoise Color Energies

Besides having healing powers, there are other energies associated with the Otteson turquoise. Blue-colored turquoise jewelry is often associated with winter, while green is associated with spring and nature. The color energy of turquoise brings about happiness in a person and effectively increases the connection of the mind, body, and soul. In lighter shades, wearing turquoise rings promotes inner hope, harmony, and peace through spiritual understanding. It helps in countering dark energies and allows the user adapt to new ideas and positive creativity.

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