Otteson Turquoise: The Most Valuable Turquoise

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The most legendary of all the stones, Turquoise has reached the status of a rock star in the world of healing minerals. Its dazzling greenish-blue tone appeared in ancient Egypt around 6000 B.C., where it was incorporated into protective charms and royal jewels for kings and queens such as Tut and Cleopatra.

The beautiful turquoise is an energetic stone, highly valued both for its energy properties, and for its attractive appearance. If you want to know its meaning, powers, and everything mystical that surrounds this majestic stone, read bellow.

What is the Meaning of Turquoise Stone?

One of the first-known gemstones, the meaning of the turquoise stone, was considered sacred by Native Americans, who used it as a powerful healing tool to create a connection between heaven and earth. This all-in-one stone is regarded as a master healer because it promotes an energetic flow of love to heal the world. Turquoise owes its name to its beautiful color. Its spiritual meaning is a healing stone, for its particular properties that promote healing and physical and spiritual cleansing.

The word "Turkish stone" stands for turquoise stone. It became well known in all the continents, thanks to the ancient trade routes of the Silk Road, which brought this valuable stone from Turkey to Western Europe. Turquoise quickly became the toast of Europe, making its way into the royal lineage that dates back to Marie-Louise and her royal diadem, a wedding gift from her husband Napoleon I.

Here Is A Fascinating History:

  • The vibrant and distinctive colors add a touch of color to the decorative facades of the sacred places, including the Taj Mahal in India.
  • The meaning of the turquoise crystal is the bright color that evokes the image of the dazzling waters that surround a paradise island, with blue-green tones depending on its copper and iron content.
  • It symbolizes the oceans that cascade the earth's surface. But what makes this stone stand out is its natural spiderwevb pattern, a striking visual effect thanks to the deposits of iron oxides.

Characteristics of the Turquoise Stone:

In crystal healing, the meaning of turquoise stone is associated with personal protection, which makes it a well-known protective shield for ancient warriors who are heading for battle. The bright and impressive shade of turquoise crystal has been discovered in ceremonial masks and in the battle equipment of the Aztecs, a tribe that revered this ornamental stone for its ability to provide personal protection against negative forces.

Signs of Affinity: Libra, Aquarius.

Chakras: Throat and third eye.

Properties of Turquoise Stone: What Is It For?

Turquoise is a highly energetic gem, as soon as you feel it in your fist you will notice its vibrations, among the benefits it grants to its wearer we can highlight:


This, like many other energetic stones, concentrates high powers of protection, in which it blocks all negative energy and prevents it from approaching your aura.

Lucky Charm:

Another of the powers of the turquoise is that it acts as a lucky charm, not only blocks negative energies but is responsible for attracting good vibes to you. It will make you have better luck and fortune in every aspect of your life. Economic, loving, and in everyday life.

Stay Away From Toxic People:

Another benefit of owning a turquoise stone is that it helps us to move away from toxic people, negative people from our surroundings. Even many times, you have no idea that a person does not suit you and disappears from your life due to the power of this stone to get away from you that is toxic to you.

It Benefits Meditation:

Meditation is necessary to grow spiritually. It helps a lot to achieve stability emotionally, but many times it is not easy for a person to perform meditation exercises since high levels of concentration are required. And that is precisely what this stone can give you; the ability to develop higher levels of concentration. Indulge in deep meditations that reach the deepest part of your soul.

Purify The Energies:

With the turquoise, you will be able to purify and clean the energies of the environment that surrounds you. For example, it can be your home, your workplace to achieve healthier and more harmonious relationships with those around you.

Power The Gift of Intuition:

Intuition is a high power that you will develop with the turquoise stone, which will help you many times to prevent unfortunate events and discover hidden truths through your intuition.

Open Doors and Opportunities:

Did you ever feel that all the doors were closed and there was no opportunity for you? For something you wanted to undertake or do, well, that will not happen again if you have a turquoise stone in hand. There will always be a door that opens to you – an opportunity without having to wait so long, as long as you know how to take advantage of it.

What is a Turquoise Stone For?

The turquoise is a stone with many properties and varied powers. It serves people who need a shield of energy and protection. It helps people who think they have a stroke of bad luck and those who want to practice deep meditation.

Always try to have it near you to act as a shield of protection, and if you want to clean your home or office of massive energy, then leave it exposed to the air inside the place.

How to Use It

  • Place it for 10 minutes in the heart chakra.
  • Always charge it with you to activate its protective properties.
  • When you go to meditate, always place it in front of you.

How to Identify It

To learn to know if turquoise is authentic or not, consider the following characteristics of this original stone.

  • Its color varies between different shades of blue and light green.
  • Authentic turquoise has small inclusions of other dark colors. False ones are usually of a single uniform color.
  • The stone that most impersonate turquoise is howlite. A trick to recognizing it is by pouring a drop of hydrochloric acid. It will create a reaction in the fake turquoise, that is, howlite and not in real turquoise.

Why Otteson Turquoise?

Otteson is a family that digs the most valuable Otteson turquoise in the deserts of Nevada. Attractive and vibrant, Otteson turquoise jewelry adds a warm touch of color to your outfits. Wear it as an amulet for good luck, health, and abundance. Join the Otteson family in their Otteson Mining treasure hunt.

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